Gabriele Naldini

My name is Gabriele Naldini and I was born in Milan where I graduated in Medicine and where I specialized in Digestive Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy. My father Giorgio was a Chief Surgeon in Milan and then in Piacenza. I am married to Luisella and have 2 twins aged 20 Ginevra and Giorgio. During my youth I was part of the Italian National Swimming Team. The interests out of work are sports and my family, to which I am very attached. My activity and studies started with Digestive Surgery, then focused on Colorectal Surgery and finally on Proctological and Pelvic Floor Surgery. My training has gone through the most important Italian Centers and later in London, Madrid and Geneva. Currently I run a Proctological and Perineal Surgical Department and I'm the Head of the Multidisciplinary Proctological  and Pelvic Floor Clinical Center at the University Hospital of Pisa. We are focusing our efforts on a very challenging topic: the complex pathologies of the pelvic floor. From 8 years we are using an integrated multidisciplinary approaches, and we think that only in this way we will be able to have good results. 
Our work is made of so much practice, but we have great attention to scientific production, science and the scientific debate. In the last 8 years we have published 40 articles in indexed journals and 5 book chapters. We have organized 6 International and 10 National scientific events.

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