Claus Blumberg


Doctor in practical training and assistant doctor with Prof. Dr. Bruch in the surgical department of the University Hospital Lübeck, Germany.

One year rotation assistant in the surgical department of the Klinikum Prof. Dr. Dr. Sterk Kempten/Oberallgäu, Germany.

Specialist for surgery with PD Dr. Farke at the Schlossparkklinik in Berlin, Germany. Here involved in setting up the proctology department and the pelvic floor centre.

Senior Consultant and Head of the Proctology Department of the Surgical Department of the Schlossparkklinik in Berlin, Germany.

Foundation of the surgical practice and rectal surgery Lübeck, Germany.


German Society for Surgery
German Society for General and Visceral Surgery
Professional association of coloproctologists
German Society for Coloproctology
Professional Association of German Surgeons
German Continence Society
Lübeck Medical Network
Surgical Working Group Colo-Proctology
Surgical working group for endoscopy and sonography
Surgical Working Group for Minimally Invasive Surgery
European Society of Coloproctology


67 Annual Conference of Visceral Medicine 2007 Bochum, Germany - Splenic rupture after Coloskpie a case series
University of Schleswig Holstein Pelvic Floor Symposium 2012 Lübeck, Germany - The conservative therapy of fecal incontinence
Dermatologikum 2017 Hamburg, Germany
12th Scientific & Annual Meeting of European Society of Coloproctology 2017 Berlin, Germany - The future is now - LHP for thrombosis external hemorrhoids
FOBI Dermazological Training Week 2018 Munich, Germany - Laser treatment of anal fistula
North German Surgical Society 2017, 2018, 2019 Hamburg, Germany - Proctology Workshop
Lübeck Hemorrhoid Days 2017, 2018 Lübeck, Germany
Skin organizer
Coloproctology Seminar Hannover 2019 Hannover, Germany - Laser therapy of anal fistula
202nd Summer Conference of the Association of North German Surgeons 2020 Schwerin, Germany - Laser therapy of the sinus pilonidalis
Workshop Laser in Proctology Theory and Practice Lübeck, Germany


Workshop in theory and practice Laser in proctology 2019 Dordrecht, Holland


International Workshop 2017 Athens, Greece
Pilonidal cyst disease


14th Scientific & Annual Meeting of European Society of Coloproctology 2019 Vienna Austria - Laser use in thrombosis 4th degree external hemorrhoids - New operative technique


Workshop in theory and practice Laser in proctology 2019 Bergen, Norway


European Colorectal Congress 2019 St. Gallen Switzerland - HOW I DO IT: Laser Sinus Pilonidalis Procedure (SiLaC™)


76 emes journees de la SFP 2017 Paris, France
Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty


17th Congress of Asia Pacific Federation of Coloproctology 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Laser therapy in proctology


13th Annual Congress of Iran coloproctology society 2019 Tehran, Iran - Laser therapy in proctology

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